What you will learn from this book....

Beautifully Individualized

    Nutrition is important for fitness. Eating a well-balanced diet can help you get the calories and nutrients you need to fuel your daily activities, including regular exercise. 


    But doing a couple of low-pack exercises before the main event can actually make a huge difference in your fitness performance.


    Find Your Fitness. Something for Everyone. Day by day 8 week guide of workouts to help you look and feel your best one day at a time. 


    Not sure what supplements to take? This list is a great guide to start, and will help you choose wisely.

Real Women, Real Workouts

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Want to start self care & love but don't know how? Here is an amazing way to start achieving your fitness goals you desire one day at a time. Regardless of where you are and what you do, regular exercise and physical activity is the path to health and well-being. ... In this guide, we match resources to your exercise needs in the comfort of your home. "Real Women, Real Workouts, Real Results


I am a busy mom with 4 children at home and I work full-time and another part-time job. I don't eat great, but I don't bad either. I have massive amounts of weight to lose from children and aging (close to 40). I am considered obese. Although I walk a lot during the week, I knew I needed more to burn the fat that has taken up residence.
I did a lot of research and Facebook stalking on this book before committing (because it's spendy), but I'm glad I did. I was drawn to this particular program because it's not a gym membership and an actual program that takes a beginner and works them up through it. 

I became a healthy life style addicted person after i realized that i am not 18 anymore and if i eat some french fries at night i am gaining weight. All attempts to start going to the gym "every Monday" didn't help because as a human being we can be lazy sometimes (finding the reason why not - rain, too far, tired after work, birthday parties and other excuses). I really suggest to get this book if you are lacking some extra motivation, tired of the same workout routine (which didn't work for you), need a new way of thinking about the healthy life style (it's not just plain boiled chicken breast and egg whites:)) because it will benefit you in the long run so better to start now!! 

There are so many of these diet and exercise books out there. This one stands out. It's written clearly and simply--you never feel like it's too complicated or that you can't do it. She offers realistic advice to working professionals...so needed!! Sure, I'd love to have 3 hours a day to go to the gym and take a yoga class and sit in the steam room...but in reality I've got maybe 30 minutes a day. The book is tailored to people like me. 

This book is fantastic! I consider it a definitive guide for exercise. Perfect for your exercise library whether seasoned or just beginning. Actually, I think this is perfect for beginners to visualize exactly what they are working. Contains a core set of exercises that can be done by anyone.