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Beautifully Individualized was created in 2019 to encourage women to believe in their Individual journey and beauty by putting their self care, health and wellness first 
A loving wife, caring mother, full-time career & businesswoman, and national qualified bikini fitness competitor. I am ecstatic to share my personal fitness & wellness journey with other women in a bid to foster a generation of strong, confident women.
I've curated 8-week fitness guides, skin & wellness products for women who want to start their journey on their own terms. I took my passion to help others, my love for fitness, and my training knowledge from fitness competing to share with all.
Beautifully Individualized is all about getting fit the right way by putting your mental state first. I’m sharing this truth with any and every woman who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle while becoming a stronger, and confident woman “one day at a time”.
Welcome, this health & wellness space. A place for real women, real self care & workouts, and real results: one day at a time; with the goal to become that person you’d one day wished to grow to be; beautifully individualized.
Dominique Myrie
Owner, CEO